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 ====== getpass ====== ====== getpass ======
 <code c> <code c>
 +char *getpass(const char *ptr);
 </code> </code>
 ==== description of getpass ==== ==== description of getpass ====
-getpass is in work by \\  +reads a password 
-if you are faster... don't hasitate and add it+ 
 +getpass reads a password from the system console, after the user is prompted for a password to a null-terminated string and display the password has been disabledA pointer to a null-terminated string of up to eight characters (not counting null terminator) is returned.
 <code c> <code c>
-no example at the moment+#include <conio.h> 
 +int main( void ) 
 +    char *password; 
 +    password = getpass("type in your password: "); 
 +    cprintf("Password: %s\n", password); 
 +    return 0; 
 </code> </code>
 ===== output of getpass c example ===== ===== output of getpass c example =====
-    no example at the moment+    type in your password: superpass 
 +    Password: superpass
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