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 ====== highvideo ====== ====== highvideo ======
 <code c> <code c>
 +void highvideo(void);
 </code> </code>
 ==== description of highvideo ==== ==== description of highvideo ====
-highvideo is in work by \\  +Used to select the highlighted character. 
-if you are faster..don't hasitate and add it+ 
 +selects highlighted character by setting Intensity bits the current foreground color
 +This function has no effect on the characters that are currently displayed on the screen.
 <code c> <code c>
-no example at the moment+#include <conio.h> 
 +int main(void) 
 +    clrscr(); 
 +    highvideo(); 
 +    cprintf("text hight intensity\n"); 
 +    return 0; 
 </code> </code>
 ===== output of highvideo c example ===== ===== output of highvideo c example =====
-    no example at the moment+    text hight intensity 
 +{{:c:conio.h:highvideo.png?nolink|highvideo example output in cmd}}
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