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 +{{keywords>quick programming reference wiki source example code library}}
 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
-{{keywords>programming reference wiki source example code library c c++ objective-c cpp java functions method}} 
 ====== Programming Library / Reference with examples ====== ====== Programming Library / Reference with examples ======
-__****C Library Overview****__ +//Be a part of our community and help to improve this reference.//\\ 
-      * [[:c|]]+\\
-__****C++ Library Overview****__ +This is a Wiki for all possible programming languages ​​with descriptions and examples.\\ 
-      * [[:cpp|C++ Library]]+The goal is to create a programming library reference for all the programming languages ​​out there\\ 
 +So do not hesitate to add some example code, adjust or correct the content\\
-__****Objective-C Library Overview****__ 
-      * [[:objective-c|Objective-C Library]] 
-__****Java Library Overview****__ +**The conditions are**
-      * [[:java|Java Library]]+  add no inappropriate content.\\ 
 +  be sure it is your code (no cut and paste)\\ 
 +  Hold your descriptions and articles easy understandable for everyone\\ 
 +  no SPAM 
 +  read the [[wiki:syntax|formatting syntax]] before you start\\
-===Missing your favorite Language Register and add it ;)===+do you miss your favorite language ? add it ;) 
-it is very easy, read the [[wiki:syntax|formatting syntax]], get a account and write your missing stuff down\\ 
-**The registration is necessary to prevent spam**\\ 
 please note - we are no company\\ please note - we are no company\\
-===== HOWTO add a Reference Page ===== 
-for example: if you whant to add a new page so type\\ 
-that will add a menu structure\\ 
-   - objc 
-     - foundation.framework 
-       - nsnumber.h 
-         - boolvalue 
-** replace playground for a real example ** 
-Before you become a author we recommend to **read [[wiki:dokuwiki|]] and [[wiki:syntax|]]**\\ 
-===== programming reference on mobile ===== 
-==== Code Reference Android App ==== 
-Version 1.0 is Online ;)\\ 
-Mostly the same like the IOS App\\ 
-{{:device-2012-11-23-115800.png?nolink&200|Root structure of Android App}} 
-{{:device-2012-11-23-115846.png?nolink&200|Menu Strucuture (Multiple Level) }} 
-{{:device-2012-11-23-130213.png?nolink&200|Example view of a Article in Lanscape}} 
-==== iPhone and iPad App ==== 
-{{:img_1726.png?nolink&200|Splash screen of our IOS App}} 
-{{:start_page.png?nolink&200|Menu Strucuture (2nd Level)}} 
-{{:iphone_search.png?nolink&200|Example view of a Article - syncron with our Website. With our click and explain feature ;) }} 
-=== Description of Android App === 
-This is a free Wiki based programming library App for programming languages like c c++ objective-c Java and so on.\\ 
-This app will display the whole wiki content of our website to your Device so that you have a easy way to read it.\\ 
-You will find examples and descriptions of many Programming functions/methods for many languages.\\ 
-for the time being this is a implementation of the Apple Application for iPhone/iPad CodeReference. later i will implement the search and other functions of this app ;)\\ 
-    *There are NO inApp purchases, only small Ads to hold the server costs ;) 
-    *please note We are no company, this is just a hobby project by us, become a part of it 
-    *android.permission.INTERNET We need connection to our website to download the content\\ 
-    *android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE This app has ads, to prevent errors i check if you are online, if not the app don't display ads.\\ 
-=== Description IOS App === 
- App Name CodeReference\\ 
-Description We are no company, this is just a hobby project by us, become a part of it!\\ 
-This is a Wiki based App, with a little Community\\ 
-If you miss some content in your favorite Programming Language, don't \\  
-hesitate and add / edit this on\\ 
-We created based on our Wiki this app for all the Developers out there.\\ 
-NO inapp purchases and so on, only small Ads to hold the traffic costs ;)\\ 
-What's New in this Version we have added a search controller\\ 
-and a little button in About for rating ;) \\ 
-===== What is this here ===== 
-This is a Wiki for Programming languages like c and c++ \\ 
-We want to create a functions library reference for all the programming languages out there e.g c c++ c# visual c++ and so on\\ 
-So do not hesitate to add some example code for e.g. c or c++ / objective-c . \\ 
-or adjust the content correct / add e.g. c  c++ / objective-cfunctions , descriptions.\\ 
-You can also comment the examples or references with your proposals.\\ 
-The only **conditions** are that you add **no inappropriate content**.\\ 
-and you only add programming language references\\ 
-** be sure it is your code** (No cut and paste)\\ 
-This is a network-to-use reference\\ 
-for everyone, with Descriptions and Examples for all Programming Languages.\\ 
-the firsts steps for new articles is a c, c++, objective-c and java reference with a error free example code plus a short description of the function 
-Hold your Descriptions and articles easy understandable for everyone\\ 
-please no complex source codes or descriptions that are difficult to understand\\ 
 +the pages should look like this example here ... or even better
 ==== C Example Sourcecode ==== ==== C Example Sourcecode ====
Line 115: Line 37:
 /* /*
  * Sourcecode example for printf  * Sourcecode example for printf
- * *
 */ */
    int i;    int i;
Line 139: Line 61:
     Hello World no: ...     Hello World no: ...
     ... and so on, and so on     ... and so on, and so on
 +===== add a reference page =====
 +there is a playground for beginners to add a new page type for example\\
 +that will add a menu structure\\
 +   - c
 +     - stdio.h
 +       - printf
 +** remove playground for a real example **
 +**To Support us**\\
 +do simple things e.g. correct spelling and grammar, improve the examples or descriptions.\\
 +or add new missing stuff like references for languages.\\
 +//__You can also help us with bitcoins to pay the server costs__//: **1AXLPuRUBYc1JczTW4XS65GL6oWjNP2Vt2** but really nobody has ever spend a part of a coin to this project.... its all mined \\
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