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 +======Stream   ======
 +Stream is the base class for character and binary based streams. It is not called directly, but invoked whenever you use a function that relies on it.
 +Stream defines the reading functions in Arduino. When using any core functionality that uses a read() or similar method, you can safely assume it calls on the Stream class. For functions like print(), Stream inherits from the Print class.
 +Some of the libraries that rely on Stream include : 
 +*[[arduino:other_references:Serial | Serial]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:Wire | Wire]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:Ethernet | Ethernet Client]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:Ethernet | Ethernet Server]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:SD | SD]]
 +====Functions   ====
 +*[[arduino:other_references:StreamAvailable | available]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:StreamRead | read]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:StreamFlush | flush]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:StreamFind | find]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:StreamFindUntil | findUntil]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:StreamPeek | peek]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:StreamReadBytes | readBytes]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:StreamReadBytesUntil | readBytesUntil]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:StreamParseInt | parseInt]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:StreamParseFloat | parsefloat]]
 +*[[arduino:other_references:StreamSetTimeout | setTimeout]]\\
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