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Programming Library / Reference with examples

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do simple things e.g. Correct spelling and grammar, improve the examples or descriptions.
or add new missing stuff like references for languages.
it is very easy … just click the edit button (to right of the content)
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This is a Wiki for all possible programming languages ​​with Descriptions and Examples.
We want to create a programming library reference for all the programming languages ​​out there
So do not hesitate to add some example code, adjust or correct the content

The only conditions are that you add no inappropriate content.
and you only add programming language references
*be sure it is your code (no cut and paste)

Hold your Descriptions and articles easy understandable for everyone
please not so much complex source codes or descriptions that are difficult to understand

Arduino Library Overview

C Library Overview

C++ Library Overview

Objective-C Library Overview

Java Library Overview

do you miss your favorite language ? add it ;)

It is very easy, read the formatting syntax, if you whant get a account and write your missing stuff down
please note - we are no company

add a reference page

for example: if you whant to add a new page so type
that will add a menu structure

   - objc
     - foundation.framework
       - nsnumber.h
         - boolvalue

replace playground for a real example

Before you become a author we recommend to read DokuWiki and Formatting Syntax

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C Example Sourcecode

#include <stdio.h>
int main(int **argc, char **argv)
 * Sourcecode example for printf
   int i;
   /* Click on int to look what it is */
   while (1) {
  /* Click on while to read the description of while*/
       printf("Hello World no: %i\n",i);
       /* Click on printf to read the description of printf*/

Output example for a compiled source

  user@comp:$ ./te 
  Hello World no: 1
  Hello World no: 2
  Hello World no: ...
  ... and so on, and so on
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