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mathematical functions

Function Description
acos calculates arccosine
asin calculates arcsine from a number
atan calculates acustangens from a number
atan2 calculates arctangent from 2 numbers
ceil rounding up floating point
cos calculates the cosine of a degree
cosh calculates the hyperbolic cosine of a number
exp calculates the exponential value of a number
fabs calculates the absolute number of a given value
floor rounding down a number
fmod returns the remainder of a statement
frexp Mantissa m. in *n is the exponent.
ldexp Returns x times 2 raised to n
log Natural logarithm of a number
log10 base-10 logarithm of a number
modf Splits completely paid off and returns the fractional part of x.
pow pow() returns base raised to the exp power.
sin return the sinus
sinh return the hyperbolic sinus
sqrt returns the square root
tan Returns the tangent of a radian angle x.
tanh Returns hyperbolic tangent of a radian angle x.

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