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Mathematical functions

Library Description
acos computes arc cosine
asin computes arc sine
atan computes arc tangent
atan2 computes arc tangent, using signs to determine quadrants
ceil returns the nearest integer not less than the given value
cos computes cosine
cosh computes hyperbolic cosine
exp returns exp raised to the given power
fabs computes absolute value of a floating point value
floor returns the nearest integer not greater than the given value
fmod decomposes a number into integer and fractional parts
frexp decomposes a number into significand and a power of 2
ldexp multiplies a number by 2 raised to a power
log computes common logarithm
log10 computes common (base 10) logarithm
modf decomposes a number into integer and fractional parts
pow raises a number to the given power
sin computes sine
sinh computes hyperbolic sine
sqrt computes square root
tan computes tangent
tanh computes hyperbolic tangent
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