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Library Description
cgets Reads a string from the console.
clrscr clears the screen and move the cursor to upper left corner
cprintf prints formatted output to the screen.
cputs Returns a string to the screen.
cscanf reads input from the console and reformat it.
delline delete the line containing the cursor and move all lines below it one line up.
getch prompts the user to press a character
getche reads a character from the keyboard and display it on the screen
gotoxy places cursor at a desired location on screen.
kbhit find ou if a key has been pressed or not
putch prints characters on the screen.
textbackground change of current background color in text mode
textcolor change the color of drawing text
ungetch Pushes a character back into the keyboard buffer
wherex return current horizontal cursor position
wherey return current vertival cursor position
window defines the active text mode window
  it is not part of the C standard library, ISO C, POSIX.
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