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Syntax of getmaxheight

#include <graphics.h>
int getmaxheight(void);

Description of getmaxheight

The getmaxheight function is available in the winbgim implementation of
BGI graphics. The function returns the maximum height that will fit on
the screen when creating a window with initwindow. This is one of the few
BGI functions that may be called before calling initwindow. Note: The
value returned is correct for a window with a non-empty title. If you
create a window with the empty string (no characters) for a title, then
the height can be increased by GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYCAPTION).

Example of getmaxheight

/* getmaxwidth and getmaxheight example */
#include <graphics.h>
int main(void)
   /* Make a window, as big as possible */
   initwindow(getmaxwidth( ), getmaxheight( ));
   /* clean up */
   return 0;

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