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Syntax of writeimagefile

#include "graphics.h"
void writeimagefile(
    const char* title=NULL,	
    double width_inches=7, double border_left_inches=0.75, double
    int left=0, int right=0, int right=INT_MAX, int bottom=INT_MAX

Description of writeimagefile

The writeimagefile function is available in the winbgim implementation of
BGI graphics. You do not need to include conio.h; just include
graphics.h. The function saves a portion of the active page in a BMP
file. The filename must end in "BMP" or ".bmp", or it may be NULL (in
which case a windows file save dialog box is opened to allow the user to
select a file name).

Example of writeimagefile

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See also

output of writeimagefile example

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  do not hesitate and add it...  
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